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      chongqing Mayor, Mr. Huang Qifan, visited our booth of HeYi Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd

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        hongqing Mayor, Mr. Huang Qifan, visited our booth of Chongqing HeYi Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd, on the next day of the 91st National Rum Exhibition, which is held in Chongqing international Expo Center. Mayor came to our booth and inquired about the variety and quality of our products firstly. Our general manager, Mr. Ou Yang gave a detailed presentation of our goods, as the company's corporate culture and current development situation. After listening to Mr. Ou Yang’s report, the Mayor fully affirmed the development of our company. Then, after learning that our company is the first and only one who is doing importing beef in large scale in Chongqing, he proposed some issues about food transportation, safety and supply chain prices. Mr. Ou Yang separately answered these questions. About food transportation, we are cooperating with the world largest shipping company, COSCO, APL and so on to make sure the whole process in refrigerated transportation. Each refrigerated container is attached a traceable thermometer to record the temperature changes, which can make sure the beef in proper condition with rich nutritional value. For food safety, our company has made strict research and selections to the cooperative enterprises before purchasing. Thereafter, we established long-term cooperative relationships with Australian excellent export and processing enterprises, such as Sanger, Primo and so on. We visited their natural green pastures and advanced production workshops to ensure that every piece of beef is safe and healthy for eating. As for the supply chain price, since we provide the first-hand products, which come from the plant and directly enter into our cold storage for Chongqing market. So the price is comparatively cheaper than domestic beef. Finally, the Mayor expressed the hope for our company: “to provide quality, healthy, affordable Australian beef for Chongqing citizens."

        After the Mayor’s visitation, our company is quite encouraged to set up our development direction and plan for future. We will unswervingly do better job of importing beef for Chongqing market. Based on our enterprise culture of “Harmony with one Heart, Coordination in a Unity”, and with our management idea that “High Quality Creates Our Survival, Stable Supplying Makes Our Progress, Good Credibility Brings Our Customers, Customers’ Requirements Are Our Missions”, we will try our best to provide the growing consumers with high-quality, healthy and delicious meat products!




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